Varlamov Drifts like his Stanley Cup Hopes

April 28th, 2010

Capitals VS Canadiens

In crucial game 7 Semyon Varlamov was almost flawless with the exception of the game winning goal against Marc-Andre Bergeron. The sports casters claimed this goal was unstoppable but GOALIEREVIEW sees it differently! If you watch Bergeron, a left handed shooter, follow through on his shot (pause :06 seconds) you see his stick is lined up with the right post. This indicates to the goalie that the shot is going short side or toward the right side of the net.
Varlamov decides to slide out on the pass, instead of staying on his feet with a strong t-push, to square up with Bergeron’s stick. As a result Varlamov overslides and drifts away from the shot leading to a goal on the right side of the net.
GOALIEREVIEW thinks he could have played this differently in two ways. He could have either stayed on his feet to square up to the puck ensuring he had a strong angle or he could have reduced the power of his slide so he would be lined up with the shot. Either technique would have possibly led the Capitals to the next round!
What do you think, should goalies slide out right away on the pass or should they stay on their feet to square up?

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