Lack of Effort results in Bad Goal

Kings VS Ducks

April 6th 2010

Over the past few weeks I have witnessed a number of soft goals as a result of the goalie not playing the puck properly. The LA Kings netminder is the most recent professional to demonstrate a lack of focus when playing the puck. In this clip we see Jonathan Quick stop the puck behind the net with the intention of getting it to his defenseman. However, the defenseman is being pressured by the Ducks forward leading to a cough up in the slot for an easy goal.
This might appear to be the defenseman’s fault but GOALIEREVIEW notices how laid back Quick was to stop the puck behind the net. He never shows any urgency to stop the puck behind the net. Because of his lack of effort, Quick gets to the puck late and offers a weak pass to his defenseman who then coughs it up. If Quick would have rushed to stop the puck he would have noticed two Ducks forwards crashing the net. A hard rim or short chip to the opposite defenseman would have both been better options leading to a fast break out.
Goalies, we must always remember that when stopping the puck behind the net we need to first assess the environment to see if it’s a safe play. This means the head should be up and you need to consider the best option whether it be a hard rim, soft chip, a long pass or simply leaving it for the defensemen. If you have any doubt stay in the net as stopping the puck is ALWAYS your main priority.

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